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Water, the element of life

Our spa area in the first Floor offers the opportunity this extensively, combined with a unique chance to enjoy to the fullest.
The large swimming pool with a constant water temperature of 28 degrees is particularly suitable for the lap pool. Additionally, wearing a jet stream in the athletic swimmer for a change. The jet seats with massage whirlpool effect is to loosen the Muskulaturein real pleasure. The vast panorama sauna with rock crystal lighting is to be used as a Finnish sauna or steam. The sparkling waterfall showers to freshen up and hardening are a special attraction.

Fonts are easy resources to great effect!

The Kneipp foot baths and Armbrunnen to let a whole new feel to feel relaxed after lying in and gather on the banks of heat and energy.
All this is a light therapy with a constantly changing play of colors in the room supports positive. Also is available in the next room, an infrared cabin heat for deep treatment.
The fitness room with various equipment and a
Wall bars does the rest.